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"Soy What's Wrong?"

More than 300 food products with added soy protein will be added to grocery store shelves this year, along with hundreds of new supplements featuring soy and soy isoflavones.Millions of women will add or increase soy to their diet, or start taking isoflavone or soy supplements. Do you really understand the consequences to your health?
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Which book is right for me, The Goddess Diet or The Menopause Diet Book?

The Goddess Diet is a better choice for perimenopausal women while I recommend The Menopause Diet for menopausal / postmenopausal women seeking to balance their hormones, as both books contain a core of similar material. However, if you prefer to see yourself as a Goddess, don't let a few hormones stop you!


"I am having success losing weight that I never thought I would have again after a hysterectomy - because I tried and failed so often. Bless you for this book!" -- Kikki Stelly


"A timely and much needed resource," - Forward Magazine, 1999

Slim, Ageless and Healthy: A Personal Journey

Every woman goes through various changes in her life. At some point, we begin to wonder what really matters in our lives, why we feel the way we do, and why, regardless of how much we "diet" we just can't seem to get rid of those ten (or more) extra pounds. In fact, it seems the more we diet, the more weight we gain.

The Goddess Diet. . . contains powerful information based upon the latest scientific research into the unique differences in female metabolism. Now you can discover how women can remain naturally slim, ageless and healthy by choosing foods that harmonize with their hormones. Tired of following the dietary advice for men and watching your shape change into a Buddha Belly? The Goddess Diet gives every woman the ability to maintain the vitality and shape of her youth without the need for pills or surgery by following a lifestyle uniquely designed for a woman's hormonal needs. It's time to own the power of natural health. Give yourself and those you love the gift of knowledge with The Goddess Diet.


"What an incredible difference! I went from being constantly hungry and tired to having a normal appetite. My energy level has increased and there is even a hint of my real face appearing again. I know that this must sound like one of those awful diet infomercials but it's true. Even my husband noticed and is very happy for me. I feel like I've been reborn!" -- Evelyn Thomassy


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